On Women’s Day eve, Kajal revealed as to why she is declining to star in many movies these days.

“I want to pick up the roles that have substance, some meaning and evince interest in me”, said Kajal, adding to the fact that she became quite choosy and instinctive these days.

But we are amused to see how come the roles she is picking are sounding as best for her?

In the recent past we have seen Kajal sizzling in Baadshah and then moving to Govindudu Andarivadele only after a year gap.

And then, she took time to star in Temper. What’s big deal about these three roles apart from the fact that Kajal tried pouring maximum glamour and minimum acting in them?

From a time, many insiders let the cat out that Kajal is demanding cool two crores as remuneration and those who obliged that are getting her dates.

“Her absence at promotions of Temper makes it clear that those who paid less aren’t going to get full support from the big eyed beauty”, commented an insider from Temper team.

Still, if Kajal says that she is picking roles that have substance; Yes we have to agree, they are fully dazzling and exciting.