This Privacy policy describes how to use information collection and dissemination practices (referred to as the “” or ‘ site ‘) of the unvisited Publication Limited (“Company”). Use this policy to understand the policy of privacy for user data in, the user’s right and how our users can control their privacy. respects your privacy. This privacy policy summarizes how collects and uses your data. You are advised to read the privacy policy carefully. Using the services provided by you agree to the collection and use of your data in the manner provided in this privacy policy


Some sites on (“” or “site”) To avail of the services, users are required to provide certain information for the registration process. For which you need a) your name, b) email address, c) gender, d) age, E) pin code, f) Password and/or or information about your business, interests and more. When you register with other third party services like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc., we receive information from such accounts to provide you with our services. The information provided by users lets us try to improve our site. Also, sometimes we need to have your contact cards for contests.
All information collected from you is service dependent and tagged can use it to improve its services, maintenance and development of new services.
Any information that is publicly run time everywhere or is part of the right to Information Act 2005 or any other law shall not be considered sensitive at that time.


This includes links to other websites in or its subsidiaries and affiliates. Such sites are governed by their respective privacy policy, which are outside of our control. Once you leave our server, (you can say that you can check the URL at the location bar provided in your browser), and the information you see on the site that you are viewing is governed by the operator’s privacy policy on that site. That policy may differ from our policy. If you do not find the privacy policy of these websites through the site homepage or link, then you may contact the site directly for more information.
When you arrive at our site, you will find that our Web servers automatically collect connections to your computer’s Internet, including cookies, limited information about your IP address. We may use cookies to help you to advertise specifically for your interests, and to save your preferences or password so that you don’t have to enter again whenever you come to our site. Our advertisers can also specify their own cookies on your browser (if you click on their ads). We use this information to request our web pages to measure traffic to you, our site, and to provide advertisers with information on geographic locations from which our visitors have come. Click here for more information about our cookies policy and how to manage.’s Cookies policy allows users to delete cookies from the Cookies policy page.
the different third party cookies used in our website?

The following types of cookies have been used in our website below

Cookies names Function
Facebook ConnectFacebook Connect provides a single sign-on app that helps users connect to other websites through their Facebook account.
ComScoreThe comscore used by provides service of information related to analytics related to our users. ComScore connects data of on-site traffic and choice offs with the market versus performance-related competitive scenario. Data obtained from ComScore are used for editorial, strategy creation and product development.
Google uses DoubleClick Google provided by Google, Inc. To measure the effectiveness of its online marketing campaigns for users.
Google uses Google Analytics provided by Google, Inc.,
which enables you to effectively evaluate the use of its services and to effectively evaluate the user’s use of the site.
Double-click PublishersThe DIEPHAPI installed by provided by Google, INC. Helps increase the site in terms of cookie revenue and also helps in revenue management.
& SenseThe accessibility provided by Google, Inc. is helpful in displaying advertisements on the site and nirikashataing better performance on the site.
Facebook Audience NetworkThe Facebook audience network used in helps to show better engagement, targeted and customised ads with a user.
A DecThe AddThis tool used in is a cookie providing an analysis that enables users to share website content on their preferred social media plate form.
I-JotoI-Joto is used by to provide service of Web push notification so that users can attach important content notifications to the site. More information: i-joto privacy policy
JedoJedo provided by Zedo, Inc., helps ad revenue by delivering users with relevant ads and matches users ‘ needs and relevance.
One uses the Onesignal platform to provide its users with the app and the functionality of Web push notifications on the site. Onesignal cookies and tools not only provide push notification features but also provide analytics about users ‘ feedback on the notification.
Note: The analytical numbers removed from the one signal platform do not use to analyze the individual user’s activities, but our team analytics analyzes the entire activity of all users.
Nielsen ABCNielsen is the independent measurement and research company of ABC America, which works by collecting data about users of on our site by using cookies, log file data and code. uses this information to help improve the overall experience of the services provided to our users.
Hockey appThe hockey app provided by Microsoft is used by to collect user’s mobile data about reports of crash in the app.

Information sharing

allupdates.inor its subsidiary and affiliates may share their personal information to any third party in the following limited circumstances without the prior consent of their user:

Law, court or any government agency or authorization With the objective of verification of identity, based on requests for prosecution and conviction of crimes, including investigation of cyber incidents, it is necessary to disclose them in order to maintain better trust and confidence.
We may also transfer personally identifiable and qualified information with any other company from our business units if any unit of our company or company is sold to another company.
You can share your activities with third parties about your activities on social websites or websites with our advertisers so that they can understand our users and verify the value of advertising on our websites.
In this case, the undocumented or its subsidiaries and affiliates may do so with the purpose of processing personal information from officials and employees or groups on its behalf. We also ensure that our recipient of such information agrees to maintain their confidentiality in terms of security based on our instructions.


We may use your personal information by contacting you through other information, including newsletters, marketing or promotional materials.

Gain and update personal information

When you use the websites of the, we do our best to offer you more and more authentic and tathyapuran information. The information you provide on your request will be corrected and published while making sensitive personal data incorrect or incomplete. This publication may be possible only if it is necessary for personal information or sensitive personal data or information under law or for legitimate business purposes.
We call for creating identities of ourselves from individual users. The information that is used before accepting the requests is corrected or deleted. We may modify requests that are being improperly repetitive or organized. Facts that require uneven technical efforts, which are endangering the privacy of others, or are extremely impractical (for example, requests related to information residing on backup tapes), or that are not required to be acquired. Special vigilance is been. In any case where we can provide information access and correction, we perform this service free of charge. After you delete your information, we may take some time before the residual copies are deleted from our active servers and we may place your content or information in our backup system for a way to maintain certain services.

Information security

We take appropriate security measures to eliminate unauthorized data with unauthorized access. These include internal reviews of our data collection, storage and processing practices and security measures. Not only does it contain security against unauthorized use of systems including proper data encryption and physical security measures to store personal data.
All the information collected on the immortal is safely stored in the immortal controlled database. The database is stored in the secure server behind the firewall, due to which passwords are secured to the server. However, our security measures are quite effective but still no security system is impenetrable. Which is why we cannot guarantee the complete security of our database. Also we cannot guarantee that the information you provide will not be blocked when it is transmitted over the Internet. This is also because any information related to the discussion that has been posted to the Internet is available to everyone.
Although the Internet is a continuous evolving medium. , we may make necessary changes to our privacy policies, given the future changes. Of course, any information that we collect will always be used to suit that policy. Under which the information is collected, even if any changes have been made to the new policy.
When you visit our website, we use third-party advertising companies to deliver advertisements. These companies may use information about you (excluding your name, address, email or phone number) or on visiting other websites.

Terms & Conditions for competition

All candidates taking part in the contest must certify that the content they send (article) is their own original creation and that in any way, copyright, trademark, moral rights, rights of privacy/ Italekachual does not infringe the right to disseminate property. At the same way, no other party can claim the original content.
The content sent by candidates may not be complete, defamation, sexual sense, disputed or inappropriate in any way. Candidates ensure that the competition in the event of any kind of dispute is subject to the laws of the Government of India. Any dispute shall be settled under the Nayayaparakariya of the New Delhi court.
participants in the contest shall be obliged in (a) under these Official Rules (b) The judge’s decision will be provisional and universally accepted (c) if the participant wins Sapanasar, the use of the winner’s content, the name of the Vinaras or any future The spread or advertisement may be without permission (excluding law violations only) all kedarashasit, state/ Province Local taxes, fees, surcharges and taxes (foreign or country income, sales and import tax) will be payable by the winner.
If the winner does not assume an award or winner the prize amount within ten days of the announcement (notification) of the award or the award or refuses to take the prize, then the Sapanasar shall have the right to give the award to any other participant or winner. No Sapanasar has the full right to check all the atries that he has received (including candidates’s residence and identity). Whoever violates the rules of the entry process or candidates entry may be sapanasared out of the competition.
failing the sponsor to enforce any of your rights at any level does not exempt those rights. Content provided by Catestet in print and online can be reused.

Right to finish the competition

If for any reason the contest is not able to systematically run the competition for computer viruses, bugs, service attacks, tampering, unauthorized interference, fraud, technical failure or any other reasons beyond control, or the administration of If it corrupts or influences the safety, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this contest, the unofficial reserves the right to disqualify any person on the basis of its sole discretion. If the sponsor chooses the option to cancel or terminate the contest, the sponsor will not retain any rights in the submitted material.

Data privacy

The information you provided will only be used for office. This information includes your name and address. It can also be used to verify the information you have provided, i.e. identity, mail address, and other information.

Personal Data deletion & Export policy

Registered users can manage, export or delete their personal data from their profile.

Changes in Institute rules

This privacy policy is effective as a last date outlined at the top and will be effective in future with any changes made to its provisions, which will take effect immediately after it is posted on this page. We reserve the right to update or change our privacy policy at any time and you must visit this privacy policy from time to time. Any changes to the policy will apply to immediate effect. If we make any changes to this privacy policy, we will notify you via the email address you provide or by giving a major notice to our website. After posting any modifications to the policy on this page, your continued use of the service will constitute your consent to abide by your acceptance and revised policy of modifications.