“From Tri- series to World Cup, India looks likes a completely transformed team. Dhoni is the one to be held responsible for the transformation. He seems like a completely transformed man from what he is in the tri series to what he is now. Dhoni has been quite unorthodox for so many times now and the team believes him. When the team entirely trust the captain and holds belief in him, miracles fo happen.” Chappell expresses his opinion.

“Teams that are capable of going good in the middle overs can easily overcome any trouble. India continued to take wickets. And it’s all because of Dhoni’s captaincy.”, added Chappell.

Gavaskar admired Raina’s innings and his return to form with Dhoni on the other end boosting him up. Raina who was in desperate runs is augered up by Dhoni who makes his co-players strong in the partnership and especially considering they both share an intense bond.

“When Raina bats with Dhoni, he is a different animal” said the former Indian skipper.

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