#WomensDaySpecial brings you the videos featuring Bollywood Celebrities and Voices. It’s a must watch for every girl out there!

#StartWithTheBoys featuring Madhuri Dixit is a empowerment video saying to Start with the Boys. Don’t say Boys don’t cry instead teach them not to make girls cry. Teach them not to abuse, harass.

Don’t tell girls how to wear, instead teach boys not to watch them like perverts waiting for a meat. The video quotes, “We have taught our boys not to cry. It’s time we teach them not to make girls cry.”

It’s your fault featuring Kalki Koechlin says the girls its their fault and that it’s their fault to be Women. No Women – No Rape. Irrespective of age and clothing – all girls/women of age groups have to face the bad side of this society.

It includes the Bhaiya trick of Government. Its a satire saying It’s My Fault.

It’s our fault to be born as women and that boys have eyes and uncontrollable hormones. Isn’t it?

Udne Do featured by Neeti Mohan, the voice of Ishq Wala Love and Tu Hi Tu and many other songs released a video today. She was quoted saying,

“Happy Women’s Day
Had written this song” Udne De ” during Nirbhaya incident (2012). I kept fighting with myself but could never release it because it just felt too personal . It felt like as if I was crying out loud and nobody could hear me and I still feel the same each time I hear/read about any girl being raped or ill-treated . It’s serious and will always be. Each time a heinous activity occurs, So many Dreams get shattered , Faith gets shaken and Self esteem gets burnt alive.It can be anyone of us anywhere anytime .I feel helpless . I shiver, I cry , I am constantly angry!
Until those who must CHANGE …
I Hope for a better (next) lifetime .
Could not contain it anymore . UDNE DE has chosen to sprout out of me today . I give this song to you all”

Hatt Ja … Jeene De
Haq Hai…. Udne De