Adding vitamin D to one’s diet can help cut down the risk of swine flu to a significant extent, suggests the study by Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences in association with the National Institute of Virology in Pune, India.

With almost 95% of Indians suffering from a deficiency of vitamin D, the finding may hold the key to disease control.

All Updates Website gives information that the study comes at a time when the toll from swine flu in India has crossed 800 in just two months.

The number of cases has risen to 13,000 since the outbreak, reports the Times of India.

“We have proved that vitamin D is helpful in suppressing inflammatory response to H1N1 influenza infection in both pre and post stages,” said Dr Madan Madhav Godbole of the endocrinology department who participated in the research with five others.

“Those with no access to anti-flu vaccine must take a pouch of vitamin D in a cupful of milk once a week for eight weeks and thereafter once a month,” he added.

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