On July six, Salman Khan-Anushka Sharma will get all the curtains on starrer Sultan. But these days, the film’s story claims to be leaking to social media. The mainly three editions of the Sultan’s story are in discussion. Although no-no knows what is true? Here, after the hard work occurred during the shooting, the rape of his condition, as a woman, tells Salman that there are notoriety and resistance. The millions of film lovers are waiting, including the fans of their mafinama. Will the Savedanahin comment made by Salman make the difference at the box office? Its address will soon be underway.

But they are knowledgeable that the stories of the film are coming, if they turn out to be true, the audience can definitely stop the steps that cinema only when the story is not known. The first time in this film of director Ali Abbas Zafar would be Salman duo Anushka. The background of the story is Haryana.
The release of Salman’s previous film Bajrangi Bhaijaan in social media was also a tale of
speculation. The interesting fact is that Salman’s anti-Shah Rukh fan is giving a lot of air to the stories of Sultan. What are these stories? Know.

The Sultan at heart breakdown tends to look in some wrong deeds

Gold medal Sultan Ali Khan in China is a champion wrestler of Haryana. Ressler Arfa, the woman of the Kingdom of the same, sits to give heart. Things change after a short love-mohabbat and they are minimized in both. The result is that their rahe are also departed.
at the heart breakdown, the Sultan looks at some wrong things which is his notoriety and shatters
life. Things become like that the sultan loses to the national level wrestler’s status. But the wheel of time is swirling and at one turn he realises that the wrestler is life.
only he can conquer his weaknesses and find
everything. Eventually he again turns the side of the game and wins the gold medal for the country at China Olympics. Heroine also comes back to his life.

Forsake kasata on the baby Sultan

The corrupt officer is a corrupt government employee who is going to get a job from champion Sultan Sports Cote who does not work without any money. A poor person comes to work in the Sultan’s office with his old son. He does not have money,

so the Sultan does not work. On this, the child is forsake kasata that he is not a good person, only works with money. One day God will punish him. The child is piercing to the Sultan and he takes the establishment to become a good person.
He takes the wrestling seriously, making his goal to win the medal for the
country. Meanwhile her love story with Arfa is also on the move.

Arfa’s thinking changes the Sultan’s attitude towards wrestling

The Wrestler in Love is Sultan the state-level ordinary wrestler who doesn’t take wrestle seriously. One day when he sees the girl (Anushka Sharma) Pachadte The boys in the Akhara, it falls in love. He tries to placate. Kinda dance-gets love in both after songs.
Arfa’s thinking changes the Sultan’s attitude towards wrestling and becomes
serious. Hard-working Sultan and Arfa do qualify for the Olympic Games. Sultan Gold medal wins but Arfa loses.
Sultan Arfa wants to marry but he is broken after the
loser. In the meantime, Arfa goes abroad to share the wrestling competitions and thither are the parents of his marriage to the local mighty leader. Hopeless Arfa commits suicide. Sultan Arfa breaks down the suicide and leaves wrestling. But after ten years he makes a comeback in mix martial arts and becomes a champion.

She goes to ask daughter’s hand from Arfa’s father

Another version of the story of medal Sultan for Arfa says that things tend to be reversed when he is asked by Arfa’s father to seek his daughter’s hand. The father raises the question on the Sultan’s status, besides what is a small wrestler? He keeps betting in front of the sultan that if he wins the gold medal at the Olympic wrestling show doing so his wedding could be from Arfa.
The Arfa Sultan is hard-working and helps to become a champion but his father retracts from the promise and makes his daughter’s
wedding. The Arfa commits suicide. The Sultan’s life becomes the turmoil.

I like I Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh! During the Sultan’s shooting, Shah Rukh Khan was rushed to meet Salman. The news came after that Shah Rukh would look for a few minutes. He was then told that his scene was cut off.
Now there is a buzz that the Sultan has told Shah Rukh Khan in the
film. In a Seine the coach asks Sultan: Shah Rukh Khan, who is doing romance…. The Sultan says: I like Shah Rukh Khan… He once put eyes in the girl’s eyes so love becomes. How many stories of Sultan?

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