Finally, Kabali movie has hit the screens worldwide and premiere show of Kabali movie has started in the United States and Malaysia. Kabali live review and kabali live updates are creating huge excitement among the fans of Talaivaa. Most of the people in India are in front of social networking sites and reading the each line to line updates of Kabali movie. Some fans of Superstar are sharing the vera level intro of Rajini sir in Kabali movie. Even though the introduction of Rajini sir revealed on social networking sites but true fans of Rajini sir are waiting to watch those intro scenes in Theaters with crowd and whistle sounds. A true Rajini sir fans never encourage the piracy .

Good news for all Talaiva Rajinikanth sir fans the person who has released the Kabali Hindi version got caught and that person is in Jail now. Many movies got pirated in recent times but none of that person who did piracy was not in jail nor they got caught. But, when some person who did pirate of Kabali movie got caught and he was sent to jail. This is the true power of Superstar Rajini sir. If those people ready to release the full movie on the internet still Rajini sir fans wish to watch the film only in movie halls.

In Tamilnadu state, tomorrow is declared as the holiday on account of Kabali movie release. Most of the star hero movies will be releasing on festival days so that their fans can watch the movie on holiday. But, for Rajini sir movies the normal day of movie release will become the festival day for fans.

Kabali movie live review after the premiere from overseas

  • However, there and many things to appreciate about this movie mainly branching away from masala style narration.
  • Kabali sensation all over the world.
  • #‎Kabali‬ USA Premiere pre-sales reported $1,023,480 ($1Million) from 172 out of 225 locations reporting. and Thalaivar starts to breaking records!! ‪#‎மகிழ்ச்சி‬
  • The chemistry between her and the superstar was amazingly beautiful. Well played.
  • #Kabali what an epic movie it is #Rajinikanth is just marvelous salute he is real legend #Thalaivar packed house here #Dubai
  • Pure hollywood/hongkong gangster drama with a bit slow narration.
  • Kabali In a particular scene, #SuperStar says romba ketta payyan reminding of the Kaali character.