Inspired by the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, many films have been created in Bollywood. Produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and the Sabir Khan directed film ‘ Rebel ‘ is inspired by the Ramayana. The film’s protagonist is Ronnie Ram (Tiger Shroff) and Raghavan (Sudhir Babu) like Ravan. Sia (Faith Kapoor) ‘s Raghavan is kidnapped and Ronnie brings his back to destroyed-dismantle in Bangkok to Sia.

Sabir Khan has made a typical Bollywood spice film that is for a common audience who buys tickets to watch romance, songs and action movies in Bollywood films. The audience had not been getting the film for a long time, and the lack of ‘ rebel ‘ away.

Ronnie is the undisciplined boy. His father sent him to learn martial arts in a city located south India. During the visit, Ronnie’s visitation is from Sia and he sits to give him heart. The tough training of martial arts brings a change in Ronnie. Here is the Met with martial arts champion Raghavan. Raghavan also wants to SIA.

The galataphahalamis between Ronnie and Sia are made to remove them. A few years later, Ronnie discovers that Raghavan has kidnapped the SIA and has taken him to Bangkok with her. Sia is given to Ronnie to save the task. He alone is the only powerful Raghavan who has learnt a lesson.

By reading the story, you hoki to know that there is no newness at all and the whole daromadar is ticking on the presentation. Director Sabir Khan has presented this old story with a new decoration. He has tied up the audience by dint of martial arts stunts, refreshing romance and some great comic scenes. He has not given much time to think of the Doudakar audience with a very fast pace.

By interval, the film binds. In the meantime, the romantic scene of Ronnie and Sia, the train of Ronnie, is good. After interval the film settles lose its rhythm, but during the climax then the motion catches. In fact, after interval, the Sabir has handed over the entire reins to the action director. To reach the ten-storey building of Raghavan, Ronnie has to deal with the kind of enemies on every floor and is thrilled to see the long Climax action film.

Director Sabir has played his stake on Tiger Shroff and Faith Kapoor’s pulse points. Tiger Shroff specializes in stunts, so there’s special emphasis on stunts in the film to show his USP. The training track and Villen of martial arts also improves the trek film that specializes in martial arts. The Sabir of Faith Kapoor’s innocence and Chulbulepan has also stirred up perfectly.

Some of the drawbacks of Sakarinapale are also emerging. As for a small child, Ronnie is in need of money and this trek has been left incomplete. Why does that child have the responsibility Ronnie picks? Don’t get the answer. The circumstances for Ronnie and Sia’s break-up have not been born properly. Do so many murders in Bangkok not digests Ronnie’s escape?
These shortcomings cover the dose of entertainment and action.

Tiger Shroff has run low-acting and hands-on legs and has plenty of play. His many fights are tremendous. In emotional and romantic scene they have been better and will have a huge uptick in their FAs after ‘ Rebel ‘. The role of Faith Kapoor is just like his last few films, but in this action movie he enters his presence. Sudhir Babu is a fiercely contending hero as a villain. Sunil Grover’s comical scenes have turned out to be plush, but Sanjay Mishra has bore him fiercely in his comic scenes.

Rebel typical is the Bollywood spice film. The action is pulse point and it is also entertaining.

Banner: Nadiadwala Garaidsan Entertainment, UTV Motion pictures
Producer: Sajid Nadiadwala, Siddharth Roy Kapoor
Director: Sabir Khan
Music: Meet Brothers, Amal Malik, faceless Ti
Stars: Tiger Shroff, Faith Kapoor, Sudhir Babu
Sensor Certificate: UA * 2 hours 19 minutes 28 seconds
Rating: 3/5 5

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