A Career of milestones and records. A Career that will leave you spell bound.

He redefines Cricket. A name did strike. Didn’t it? Of course, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

Retired as a legend, he today revealed that, ” Not getting a long stint as an Indian Captain is something he regrets and couldn’t get over given all the challenges he faced”.

“Cricket is more of a team work than Individuals. The Captain always plays a key role like talking important decision on the field and to guide, but it’s always the batsman and the bolwers to get along. Go out there, and score or bowl according to line and length.” Tendulkar said.

“The Success rate becomes zero when the captain doesn’t last for a long stint. I was dropped as a captain only after 12-13 months of my course. When the captain fails, it’s a disappointment. This is something I always regret. If you play 4 matches and you win two, you’re only 50% successful and goes on. Being a Captain, you have to intake all the criticism.”, added the batting legend.

“My tenure was not long enough and it was a big disappointment for me to overcome,” Tendulkar revealed.