Trisha Krishnan, the plain actor has come out bold the other day. As the question spread out widely, that “If married heroes who are around 50, can act then why not heroines?”.

However, the answer hit her hard right in the face. Here’s the incident for you.

Trisha was asked by a journalist the other day,” Will you continue as the heroine even after having the tie knotted?” Irritated and embarrassed with the question, she snapped back. “Will you even dare to quiz any hero, the same question. I know you wouldn’t, she quipped. Adding, “If a hero has all right to continue in acting post marriage, why these rules for a heroine?”. The journalist was just stating the voice of the Indian culture, where the heroines often shut them selves up from acting after being married.

“So, a girl is supposed to give her everything up for the marriage?”, Trisha questions. Not necessarily. But, will a heroine gets the same roles as she did before the marriage? What will her husband say?. “I got two new offers knowing that my engagement happened in January. Why did they give me, if they know that I’m already engaged?”, she quizzed.
“If I don’t get to work after my marriage, it’s because the film industry wouldn’t want me. As long as I can, I will work”, Trisha says, signing off.