Actress Shruti Haasan is popular in tinsel towns for her upright talks. When quizzed, why she is adhering to acting on silver screen even after having ample talents like singing and composing, she shares her honest opinion, which is nothing but a bitter truth.

“For an actress, especially when you become a big game, then the shell life is very short. We cannot stay as a leading actress for more than 7-10 years. So, I want to make it most when the sunshines. As to singing and composing, I can try that any time”, said Shruti Haasan.

Apart from her other creative ambitions, it’s a truth that shell life for any heroine is quite short.

Though hot girls like Tamanna and Kajal are dabbling with grease paint from 10 years, they adored the top slot just for a few years.

Shruti Haasan knows this logic well, so moving her pawns accordingly. After all she is daughter of a legendary actor and an actress.