Download WhatsApp for PC /Laptop Free – Windows 7/8/MAC

The generation is running these days on technology. Everything and everyone around are conveying and conversing on technological basis. Phone calls, Messages used to do this job efficiently till last decade. Now what? Of course! Smart Phones happened. Phone calls and Messages are being replaced my Messengers and Voice notes. And the media for these? Yes, the vivid and wide range of Messengers that are available now in the market. And one of them is Whatsapp.Download-Whatsapp-For-Pc-Laptop

Whatsapp these days is as essential as water and food. Discussion varying from professional to moronic are happening around here. I mean, why will they not? Free texting does that to you. Zuckerberg correlating to it, made it more predominant. Whatsapp being not only cost effective but also methodical will help you be at ease. Everything is fine, what if you don’t own a Smart Phone ? What if the app is troubling you with your phone? What if there’s a bug?

Here’s how you download Whatsapp for PC and use it as efficiently as you can on Smart Phone :

Download And Install BlueStacks For Windows 10 8.1/8, 7 PC Laptop

1. The first and foremost thing to do is, download BlueStacks from the below link.

What is BlueStacks? A player which supports apk files and enables you to play the apps on PC.

2. Soon after the file is downloaded, proceed on installing it by clicking on the file downloaded. A welcome screen appears with a “Continue” button on the right bottom.

3. You will find an “Install” button after that, which is just waiting for you.

After being done with these three steps, BlueStacks will be executed in your PC. So, What now? Fed up doing all these things? You’re just one step away.

Download WhatsApp For PC or Laptop In Windows 10, 8.1 or Windows 8/7 PC

1.Open the BlueStacks player in your PC, by running it as an administrator. In the top right, click the “Search” icon and a window will appear.

2. In the window, type “Whatsapp” and hit the “Find” button, which will give you the aspired file.

3. In some cases, if you didn’t find the file in the search bar, go to and download the apk file from here.

4. In any case, after finding the “Whatsapp Messenger” in the search results, clicking on it will give you a “One time Setup” option. Go with it.

5. In the next window, we have to synchronize the app with the PC for the contacts to be imported. Click “Synch setup” followed by “Proceed” button.

6. After clicking proceed, find the Gmail button, and link it with your Gmail account.

7.  In case If you have more than one account linked with the playstore and your Gmail account, click “Select your devices” and choose a device.

8. Eventually, you will get a window saying, “You are done” along with a “Finish” button. Click on it and be done.

9. Later, go back to the “One time Setup” window and click on “Let’s go!”.

10. Once done with all these, go to Play Store and click on the “To agree” button.

11. Now in the right top, enabling the “Search” icon, type “Whatsapp Messenger” in it, to find the file and install it.

12. After installing it, just run the whatsapp to configure it and make it work.

13. Or you can just download the apk file from the above link, which will put you at more ease.

Ps : To use BlueStacks with proxy, install Proxycap and configure it. Restart the computer when your setup asks you, and there you will be having download whatsapp for pc.