•   Jiiva as Goutham
  • Trisha Krishnan as Priya
  • Vinay as Sri
  • Santhanam as Baby
  • Andrea Jeremiah as Sonia
  • Nassar as Sridhar
  • Jagan as Sonia’s Manager
  • T. M. Karthik as Sunny
  • Abhinay as Karthik
  • Varsha Ashwathi as Sri’s Wife
  • Tanuja as Baby’s Wife
  • Sriranjini
  • Sanjana Sarathy
  • Balaji Venugopal
  • Narayan
  • Swaminathan as Somasundaram

Directed by I. Mueenuddin Ahmed
Produced by G.K.M. Tamil Kumaran, Dr. Ramadoss
Written by I. Mueenuddin Ahmed
Music by Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography R. Madhi
Edited by Praveen K. L.
Production company Tamilkumaran Productions

Chirunavvula Chirujallu Movie Review

Chirunavvula Chirujallu  dubbed from Tamil movie Endrendrum Punnagai. This movie is a romantic comedy movie directed by I. Mueenuddin Ahmed with good star cast like Jeeva, santhanam and Trisha. Music Director Harris Jayaraj composed all the songs for this movie and cinematography by R. Madhi. VS Rami Reddy bagged the Telugu dubbing rights to release this movie in tollywood.

Story :

The movie starts with Gautham (Jiiva) as a kid, being told that women are all bad and are very selfish by his father (Nasser) because his wife had eloped on that day. They then move to Chennai, where Gautham meets Baby (Santhanam) and Sri (Vinay Rai). The trio become inseparable friends. Fifteen years later, it is shown that the trio are running an advertisement agency and Gautham has stopped speaking to his father, the reason being untold. After a heated incident, the three friends promise to never get married.

They get an advertising offer from Sunny (T.M Karthik) and Sunny sends Priya (Trisha Krishnan) to assist them with their ad. Sonia, (Andrea Jeremiah) an international model is assigned to act for the ad. On the day of shoot Sonia falls in love with Gautham and when the ad is finished, she kisses him. Gautham, startled and enraged, retaliates by slapping her. Sunny scolds Guatham for his behaviour and tells Gautham that he will never work with him again, but Priya supports Gautham telling Sunny that it was Sonia’s fault for behaving unprofessionally.

After the shoot Gautham calls up Priya and thanks her for supporting him. While speaking to Gautham, Priya meets with an accident. He rushes her to the hospital where Priya recovers the next day. After a few months, Baby and Sri get married to their new wives (not told in the film)and on the same day Gautham’s father tells Priya that he had got married for the second time for the sake of his son and that is the reason for Gautham’s anger towards him. Gautham and Priya get another contract with Sunny and Sonia and they leave for Switzerland for the shooting. On the day of shooting Sonia recalls everything Gautham had done and asks him to apologize for his act. He refuses to apologize because he knows it’s not his fault and tells Sonia to leave, Priya then takes the role of Sonia and acts for the advertisement. During the shooting Priya and Gautham fall in love.

When they come back from Switzerland, Gautham meets his friend in the airport, where he introduces Priya as just a stranger whom he met in the flight. Hurt by Gautham’s cheap behavior, she leaves the airport immediately. When Gautham gets back home he goes into his father’s room for the first time and notices many paintings of himself and Gautham. Gautham then discovers that his father was ill and rushes him to the hospital, where the doctors say that his father is suffering from pancreatic cancer and cannot be treated. Gautham is heartbroken and starts weeping.

Sri comes to meet Gautham and tells him that he knew that his father was suffering from this disease, Baby then comes and tells that his father was the one who compelled them to get married so that Gautham might change his mind and get married too. As the three friends reconcile, Priya comes to the hospital to meet Gautham’s father, where Gautham apologizes and admits to Priya that he has fallen for her. The film ends with Gautham and Priya getting engaged in front of Gautham’s dad at the hospital.

Final Word: Must Watch it for Star Performances