We are listing the Bollywood’s best ever erotic lip kiss scenes which are epic till now in Bollywood film industry.

Mallika  and Emraan Hashmi  :

King of kisses in Bollywood is the word which is suitable for only Emraan Hashmi because no one in Bollywood acted in such kiss scenes  which acted by Emraan. Murder is one the best movie in Emraan Hashmi and Mallika Sharavath which has huge number of lip kiss scenes.

Hrithik and Aishwarya :

Bollywood most handsome hunk and most talented actor Hrithik Roshan made an erotic lip lock with Top actress of India Aishwarya in “Dhoom 2” this is one of the best erotic kiss scenes ever in Bollywood and for the first time Aish gave a lip lock in her movie career.

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena :

Bollywood’s most hot pair Kareena Kapoor and saif Ali khan made a lip lock in a movie “Kurban” before their marriage which was one of the most erotic lip lock scenes in Bollywood. Saif and Kareena did many lip locks with other co-actors in some other films too but this scene was epic..


Best Top 5 Bollywood Hot Kissing Scenes / Videos

Shahrukh Khan and Katrina :

Shahrukh khan the Badshah of Bollywood film and very well known as king of romance made a lip lock with Katrina kaif for the first time as this is the first on-screen lip kiss given by Shahrukh to Katrina its also one of the best lip scenes in Bollywood

Aamir Khan and Karishma Kapoor :


In the early age of 90’s mister perfectionist Aamir khan made a lip lock with Karishma Kapoor in the movie raja Hindustani.