A humble Request to all Suriya‬ Fans, if you find anyone sharing leaked video or snaps from 24 films kindly report to twitter.com/Tkollywood or fb.com/trollkollywoods inbox. It is a kind request don’t just leave the video content if u find anywhere in FB or twitter kindly report to allupdates site we will take immediate actions to remove the video.. do it for Suriya Anna !!! And make 24 Movie a huge success.

Suriya 24 movies expected to have more gross in its Telugu version than its Tamil version on DAY 1. Studio Green messed up things in distributing the movie in TN. Tmrw is the release date still movie having problem in few areas. Despite all these movies will have smooth release overseas and also in Andhra, Telangana Regions. A Sci-fi movie should reach to all. Please watch this movie only in theaters. Let their 4 years hard work pays off. deadly Villain Athreya arrives tomorrow and Gear up by listening to the “Ayushman Bhava” Theme.

Some facts of Surya 24 Movie.

24TheMovie Releasing 27 screens in Australia,Previous biggie THERI released in 17 screens.Expecting new first weekend records..!

24TheMovie releasing in 650+ screens in overseas.Highest ever for a Tamil actor 24TheMovie Swiss and SL screen list

24TheMovie‬ | Releasing in 97 locations in Malaysia.

Surya 24 movie will be releasing in more than 650 screens in only Telugu version. This is a live example shows how much Telugu people love Surya and he is the only actor in Tamil Movie Industry after Super Star Rajini Sir Who is having huge fan following and good movie market in the Telugu States.

24 Movie  Guess Story

24 Story Guess – Scientist & villain are twin brothers. A scientist makes the watch. Villain saw it & he wants to own it. Scientist hides the watch. Villain kills the scientist in his lab & he is injured by the explosion in the lab at that time. Then he is disabled & wheelchair. A scientist has the wife (Nithya Menon) and a child. Only child escapes from the villain. After so many years, the child has grown up and made as a watch mechanic. He meets his lover(Samantha). The villain needs his watch to go back to the past & change all that happens in the past and change his life because he hates his life to continue in wheelchairs. He searching for watch finds the child Surya and ask for the watch. Will the villain got his watch from child Surya and changes his past..? OR Child Surya go back to the past to save his father. .? 24 will tell U… On 6th…